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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  April 21, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the reason his trip from san jose hawaii has stunned the entire country. >> good morning. we are live from boston. take a look behind me, the runners are getting ready to load up on the buses and head out to the start line. we just ran into a couple from los gatos. >> a major cleanup effort at san francisco's golden gate park following the annual 420 celebration. we will tell you about the crack down by the city and action taken by the police. >> oakland man being hailed as a hero. good morning. we are live in boston this morning because of course this is the first year the marathon is being held since the
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bombings. we are looking at the start line. where the first wave of runners will take off in two hours. and ktvu claudine wong is out there this morning. she is in boston. she's going to have more on the additional security measures taking place. it is monday, april 21st i'm pam cook. >> you came back to me, pam. >> i did. >> welcome back. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson is right over there. >> i remember steve. >> she came back for me. >> she came back for you. >> yesterday very warm. 80-degree temperatures. not much in the way of fog yet but changes today. cooling begins as clouds move in. if there is any rain it will be very, very light. the rest of the week looks active. right now we are waiting for the increasing clouds. some of those 40s to the north that could be cold air trapped.
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50s for some. a few 40s as you found. but after that it's not much. but keep an eye on things to see if that develops. there be rain on the north coast. clouds are on the increase. cooling begins. some light rain again possible. here is sal. we are looking at a commute here that is moving along very well. that trip is taking about 11 minutes now. and then not a bad trip at all. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, your drive from oakland to the san francisco side of the bridge is less than eight minutes. and the traffic looks good. if you are driving on the nimitz freeway, that is a nice looking drive heading south with no major problems. let's go back to the desk. sal, thank you. this story may sound too crazy to be true, but the fbi says a
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16-year-old boy from santa clara stowed away in the wheel well of a flight from san jose to hawaii. investigators say he is alive and unharmed. security shows the boy hopping over a fence and sneaking on to a hawaiian airlines flight to maui. the airport manager says it's a miracle the boy survived the 5.5 hour flight. >> i would imagine flying at 35,000 feet would be very cold. and also you know 35,000 feet and that wheel well not getting enough pressure or temperature control. >> the fbi took the boy into custody after he hopped down from the wheel well and started wondering around. he apparently ran away from his family after an argument.
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tara moriarty is right now at san jose airport. she'll have more details coming up in our next half hour. meantime the fbi says that flight reached an altitude of 38,000 feet. temperatures at that height are estimated at 80 below zero during the 5.5 hour journey. the faa says heat from hydraulic lines and retained heat in the tires could help keep a stow away warm. the faa also says the impact of hypothermia may reduce as the plane descends for landing. right now the first group of people getting ready to begin the boston marathon. i want to take you to video. this is the boston's common area where people are loading up into buses, heading to the starting line. claudine wong is in the middle of the action. talking to runners from right here in the bay area.
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claudine in boston. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is the boston's common area. you can see the buses this way just leaving as runners now line up to get on the next wave of buses that come through here. this has been a very, very steady stream of activity autohere as these folks get ready to head on out to the beginning of the 26-mile race. people are come into the boston's common area. this is a new part of the boston marathon this year because of all the security concerns. what we are doing is trying the find anyone that has these clear bags. there are people a little further in front of us.
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there you go. they had a clear bag with them. what they do is they got all the way down there. there is a bunch of tents down there and that is where they will do their bag check. they have to do that before they head out to the start line. all of these are just part of the new security measures here. they don't want any issues. people feeling really great. we have talked a to a lot of people. we ran into a couple from los gatos the woman is running her first marathon. and said it was very, very important for her to be here today. >> this is my first time at boston. and i am just beyond thrilled. this is a dream come true for me and this year is just so huge and energy. i don't think my feet will touch the ground. >> we are going to watch her at heartbreak hill. >> where i will need the most help. >> yeah we kind of surprised her. she didn't want us to billion here. she was worried there might be
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another event but we surprised her. >> reporter: back here live at boston commons we have caught up with runners who have the clear bags we were talking to you about. as you can see, you can see all of their things very clearly in here. this is a big process. there is the bus loading zone. you can hear it get a little loud as they walk people through this process. what nay are doing here is it takes a long time. this is not -- they have to go out to the start line. that takes another 20-30 minute. it takes awhile. we tucked to one person who is in the 11:00 wave she has to be here at 8:00. a gorgeous morning out here. a lot of great energy. live in boston claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >> the man who won last year's marathon says he will try for a back to back victory to honor
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the bombing victims. he won last year's marathon two hours before the first bomb exploded. and then a month later he gave back his medal to the city of boston to show his solidarity with the city and with the bombing victims. he also gave his runners bib to a woman who lost her lower leg until the bombings. this morning he will be among the elite group of men's runners that will begin the marathon at 7:00 a.m. our time. now bay area runners will race in san francisco this morning in support of the boston marathon. that run starts at 7:00 at the ferry building right at the foot of market street. they will run a four mile loop around the embarcadero to aquatic park and back to the ferry building. you don't have to register to run. and all are encouraged to wear boston's colors bright blue and yellow. oakland man is being called a hero for a water rescue of two children. it happened late yesterday afternoon at marina park.
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jose was walking the shoreline with his family when he heard a girl cry for help. he jumped into the walter, grabbed her and spotted an arm flailing even further out. he received the boy by the time paramedics arrived. >> we did our job and delivered him breathing to the emergency room. >> the boy was taken to children's hospital in oakland where at last week he was in critical condition. police say he was with an older brother on shore before going into the water. now life guards say ankle deep water is actually enough to sweep an adult out to sea. the warning comes as crowds of people headed to the bay area beaches over the weekend. high surfed a viz -- surf advisory was in effect for the
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california coast. we have breaking news right now coming out of south san jose. police are in an active standoff with an armed man. you are looking at video one of our viewers sent in over night. there are a lot of police officers out there now. the san jose police department got a call around 8:00 last night about a man firings a gun into the -- firing a gun into the ground. we have a crew on the way to the scene. also happening today cleanup will continue in golden gate park following san francisco's 420 marijuana
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celebration. >> reporter: at least eight people were arrested by san francisco police. police have not released details on why they were arrested. 420 celebrations stretched into the night. and this morning things look pretty good. city crews moved in quickly to clean up. thousands of pot smokers converged on hippy hill. they were not so much worried about the weed, instead they were issuing warnings for open alcohol containers. and for city work crews the big concern is crash that is left behind for party goers. last year they left a huge mess that cost the city $10,000 to clean up. >> i have been here three years running. i think it is a fantastic use
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of the park. as long as the people would respect it a little bit more than they do. >> and even while the event was still going on city workers were picking up trash. we were told later on this morning there will be volunteers coming out to the park. live this morning in san francisco alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time is 5:12. just hours from now pg&e executives preparing to go to court. they are facing charges from the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. what prosecutors say the utility did to compromise safety. >> good morning. right now we are still looking at a decent drive.
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a little slow traffic on westbound highway 4. coming up i will tell you more about this commute and others. >> a warm easter sunday will not transition into monday. changes. cold front on the way.
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welcome back. 5:15 is the morning. south korea presidents sending strong words to the crew of the
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sunken ferry calling their actions murderous. the president says the crews acts are also unforgivable. newly are released video shows the captain getting medical treatment shortly after reaching the shore. the captain told passengers to stay in their rooms and waited more than a half hour to issue an evacuation order. a radio transcript suggested that passengers on the ship could not reach lifeboats to escape because the ship tilt sod quickly. most of the people on board were students. families of the missing passengers are pleading with the government to strengthen their search results. the government has set up a big screen to broadcast live updates from the search mission. your time is 5:16. it's been 15 years now since
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the shooting rampage at columbine high school. yesterday a memorial was held in littleton, colorado to remember the 12 students and one teacher who were killed when two students went on a rampage before killing themselves. survivors and family members attended yesterday's event. people from as far away as california also went to the memorial site to pay their respects. >> decided to make the drive over here to pay our respects. obviously you know 15 years ago is a long time but we do remember when it happened and it was a big story in los angeles. i can't imagine how big it was here. >> the daughter of the teacher that was killed read aloud the names of each of the victims as her daughter rang a bell in their memory. a teacher accused of having sex with a teenager is due in court this morning. investigators did not say whether his alleged victim was
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one of his current students or if the student ever attended san leandro high school. bart is showing off its fleet of the future today. take a look at video of people taking a look at the new model cars. well today readers will get -- riders will get a chance to check them out. several more show off events are scheduled in the week ahead. the new cars will have better seats, bike racks, and lcd screens that show off the location of a train and its next stop. the first cars are scheduled to arrive in 2012 -- in 2017. let's take a look at traffic. >> the team is all back together. >> yeah. >> good morning, everybody. happy monday. is there such a thing? yes, there is. traffic is looking good on westbound bay bridge heading up to the mccarthur maze. not a bad commute at all. we are looking pretty good all
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the way through. there are no major problems if you are driving from the carquinez bridge to the toll plaza. traffic looks pretty good with no o major issues. if we pull back you can 580. as you move to the the santa clara valley. northbound 101, 280 and 85 are doing well. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. we have mostly clear skies. increasing clouds to the north. it will start to cloud up. north bay will get in the clouds sooner than anybody else. 40s and 50s on the north. the warm pal tern getting bumped out of -- the warm pattern getting bumped out of here. if there is any rain, it will be very light.
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but the big message here for later today especially on tuesday will be a big drop in the temps. in fact a good 20 degrees for some. santa rosa all in the 80s. today 60s and 70s. so farther south a little bit more sunshine here for awhile. for the us the clouds are inching in there. 40s and 50s. i have a couple 30s there for awhile. up on the north coast very light rain. a lot of cloud cover working its way in. 32 up in tahoe. 57 ukiah. monterey 47 degrees. our system is toppling over us. but the rainfall forecast does put a couple .10 on it. so .02. .04 should cover it. light rain or very light rain later tonight if it makes it at
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all. 60s and 70s. temperatures again starting to come down from yesterday's very warm temps. there will still be some. by a lot of 60s closer to the coast and bay. maybe you have a better system coming in after thursday. not all of the forecast models are in zinc. there are reports that the world's biggest drug maker may be merging. pfizer offered $101 be for astro san coo of london. if you think you are spending more on gas lately. you are.
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a beef with some packages of hot dogs. why some are being recalled and the possible for some if you eat them. >> you can hear people giving a standing vision. >> an army veteran recognized for his heroism. if the crowd only knew what he had just done on the way to the stadium. ñsxóxgñ
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time is 5:24. this morning san francisco businesses along union street from golf to fort more they are having the annual easter parade and spring celebration. hundreds of people, thousands of people came out for the event. this by the way was the 23rd year. easter brought joy to the area devastated by last month's deadly mud slide in walk. the town overdaring ton annual easter egg hunt was bigger than ever. besides brightly colored eggs and candy, there were hundreds of baskets, stuffed animals, and even bikes for kids who found extra special eggs. >> we have to keep going on with daily life. >> donations came from around the state and every child went
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home with something special. tomorrow president obama will travel to the mud slide area. he will be with family effected by the disaster. time is 5:25. incredible story just before he was being honored as a war hero. an iowa army veteran proved himself as a hero once again by saving the life of a neighbor. james yates says he was on his way to the ceremony when an 11- year-old boy started banging on his door saying his mom needed help. when he ran over he saw courtney pinned beneath her chevy blazer. >> back was pinned beneath the ground. i couldn't get out of there. >> sergeant yates was able to jack that car up high enough. she says she had been fixing a leak on her tire when the car slipped from the jack and fell on her. she is planning on calling sergeant yates to say thank you. time is 5:26.
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we are getting closer to the beginning and the start of the boston marathon as we've been telling you. security out there in boston very tight but the expectations organizers are making now to honor first responders and some of the victims of last years bombing. >> we are live at san jose international airport where a teenager stows away on a flight to hawaii. find out how he survived and where he is now. >> good morning. interstate 280 in san jose looking pretty good so far. i will tell you more about the south bay commute. >> temperatures rocking up on sunday but they are set to fall today. i will show you why. [doorbell rings]
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welcome back. good morning. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are still following an incredible story. we are live outside the airport. that is where a teenage boy climbed into the wheel well of a plane and hid inside hitching a ride to hawaii. tara moriarty will tell you more about the boy's condition this morning and the concerns about security there at san jose airport. monday morning, april 21st i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for jinx -- thank you for joining us. 5:30 is the time. thank you for the beautiful
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easter day. >> i do it all for you. >> we have increasing clouds to the north. already clear to the south. but that will be displaced by a system coming in. it's not very strong but it will give us a lot of cloud cover and cooler temps here. maybe light rain. if you need that sun, your morning is your best bet. and by later this afternoon, we will have cloudy, cooler conditions, and light rain coming out of this. i haven't had much rain lately. 40s and 50s on the temps. they've been coming up a little bit. half-moon bay was 39. the breeze almost pick up as well. any rain to the north it looks a little better. it will billion all mainly clouds and not much else here. sun for a little bit. it will be a little cooler. yesterday was the warmest for awhile. 70s inland. 60s for those closer to the coast and bay. now to sal. good morning. right now traffic is moving along pretty well in most areas as you drive through. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound traffic is moving
5:32 am
along nicely as you come up. this is an eight minute drive time with no major problems. also looking at the commute this is northbound 101 you can't get better than that really. and no major problems down to the airport. looking at the santa clara valley we have a little bit of road work. for the most part the south bay traffic is doing well. let's go back to the desk. we do have an incredible story to tell you this morning. the fbi says a 16-year-old boy stowed away in the wheel well of a flight from san jose to hawaii and survived. tara moriarty is joining us. >> experts say only 1-5 people may survive something like this. in fact in 2001 six people refugees tried to enter the united states this way and none
5:33 am
of them survived. but somehow this 16-year-old boy was able to make the 5.5 hour flight from san jose to maui. the teen hopped a fence sunday morning to get on the hawaiian airlines flight are hawaii. we believe he blocked out at 10,000 feet and regained consciousness after the plane landed. >> i would imagine flying at 30,000 feet. it would be very cold. >> now the fbi took the santa lei a boy into dust -- santa clara boy into custody. he had ran away from home after an argument with his family. he is now in child protective services and no charges have been filed. but meanwhile we put in calls to airport officials to find
5:34 am
out how security could have been breached. live from san jose i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> there have been similar incidents. just last year a 16-year-old nigerian boy survived after he stowed away in a wheel well of a plane. he survived in part because that plane reached an altitude of only 21,000 feet. in 2010, a 20-year-old romanian man survived a 90 minute flight from vienna to london heath row airport. police in fairfield still looking for suspects in a weekend shooting where one person was killed and a teenage boy was injured. both victims were rushed to north bay medical center in fairfield after the shooting saturday night. the 27-year-old man died at the hospital. a 15-year-old boy was treated for a gunshot wound to his
5:35 am
father. this was fairfield's fourth homicide of the year. thousands of runners are loading up on buses and head together starting line of this year's boston marathon. i want to show you video. this is from a little while ago from this morning from our photographer joseph. he and reporter claudine wong there in boston as the first group prepares to begin the race. tight security measures are in place including clear plastic bags for everyone participating. because they have to see it's extra security they want to see what is inside all the bags. people say they are excited. they are calling it take back the streets of boston. survivors of last year's bombings joined first responders at a ceremony before last night's red sox game. giant screen flashed the words
5:36 am
we remember as bag pipes played the national anthem. players say last year's womanings will forever be a part of boston and u.s. history. it will be a show of how quickly the country can regroup, heal, and support each other. time is 5:35. hundreds of runners taking part in this year's marathon are right here in the bay area. others were among the hundreds injured by the blast. some are first time marathon runners looking to honor last year's victims. >> i've always wanted to run boston. but after the events of last year, i immediately knew i was going to sign up. i had the qualifying time and i thought it would be the perfect year to come and race. >> more than one million people are can'ted to cheer on the runners today. that would be the largest crowd ever at the boston marathon. this year's race will have 36,000 runners. that is the second largest field of runners in boston
5:37 am
marathon history. they first expanded this years number of runners to include the more than 5,000 people that were stranded on the course when the bombs went off last year. and gave a few extra invitations to first responders, to the victims, and their families. and then in november the organizers announced 500 more spots would be available. they invited people to write 250 word essays telling why taking part in this year's boston marathon would be important to them. claudine wong is there in boston. she'll have a live report coming up at 6:00 a.m.. that is where very tough security check points are in place. several an indictment filed
5:38 am
earlier this month charges mg a with 12 -- that explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. time is 5:37. it's an event that brings thousands of people to golden gate park every year and today cleanup in san francisco will continue following the 420 marijuana celebration. ktvu alex savidge is joining us live to show us what things look like this morning and why a new plan, alex, may have helped things. >> reporter: good morning, to you, dave. the city stepped up enforcement and encouraging people to pick up after themselves. the event was held here at golden gate park. yesterday it stretched into the night. things in this general area look very good. and that is in part because city crews moved in quickly to
5:39 am
do cleanup work. this was the scene yesterday as thousands of pot smokers and weed vendors converged on hippy hill. there were also police out in portion. mainly it was under cover officers. when things were said and done at least eight people were arrested yesterday for femmenies-- for felonies. for city work crews the big concern was the trash that is left behind by party goers. last year they left behind a huge mess that cost the more than $-- cost the city more than $10,000 to clean up. and there are quite a few problems and she issued this warning before the event. >> we will have juvenile probation officers out. we will not tolerate under age drinking. >> reporter: officers were out yesterday issuing violations or warnings for various violations. and before the 420 event was
5:40 am
finished, city workers that were getting paid overtime were also out here picking up trash and we're told that other volunteers will be out here doing the same thing. continuing that cleanup effort later on this morning. alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. this morning the san francisco 49ers are showing off their newly installed turf. last week crews began installing the 2.5 acres of sod. the 49ers homeowner had not been scheduled yet. we should learn that date very soon. heroic water rescued at an easter outing. how a man pulled not one but two children out of the water. first radiation, now a new health concern on treasure island. the latest reason a growing number of people living there and working there has started
5:41 am
to complain. >> we are still looking at a decent commute on this monday but things are getting more crowded. highway 24 westbound is not bad. we'll tell you more about this commute and the rest of the south bay drives. i hope you enjoyed yesterday's temperatures because they are being replaced by crowds.
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welcome back. we do have an update to the breaking news out of san jose this morning. police have arrested an armed man following a nearly eight hour standoff. it happened on dell pass sew avenue. we want to take you there live to the scene right now.
5:44 am
this all started at 8:00 last night when police received reports of a man firing a gun into the ground. this is video now of the standoff. one of our viewers sent us this overnight. you can see the heavy police presence there in the area. no other details being released at this time. police say the man is in custody and we're going to bring you updates as the police investigation wraps up. time is 5:44. guides on mt. everest are considering a boycott of the climbing season after 13 mountain guides died on friday in an avalanche. the guides were preparing the way for climbers waiting at the base camp. climbers paid the government of nepal $10,000 a piece for a permit to climb mt. everest. there are growing concerns about mold on treasure island.
5:45 am
the chronicle reports people who live and work at the old navy base are complaining about mold in several buildings. and this follows the discovery of mold at an aging fire station there. the mold issues just the latest health threat for those living on the small island. just last month the u.s. navy announced it would test all of the homes on the island for elevated radiation levels. that came after the recent discovery of radio active items buried near the homes where 2,000 people live. the navy once used that same area as a toxic trash pit. malaysia airlines making headlines again this morning. this time for an emergency landing. the airline says a tire burst when a plane was taking off
5:46 am
from dew a la almost purr -- dew a la pulmopore. but a tropical cyclone that is moving south over the indian ocean could effect their planes. a robotic submarine searched under water again yesterday and still there is no sign of the wreckage. search crews have said a series of sonar signals and pings traced to that search area may have been from the plane's black boxes. time is 5:46. happening right now vice president joe biden is on his way to ukraine for a two-day visit. the vice president's visit comes a day after a shootout.
5:47 am
vice president biden is expected to meet with ukrainian leaders and u.s. diplomats stationed in ukraine. the white house is hopping into easter spirit with its annual egg roll. i want to show you video from last year's event. it was held on the south lawn. this year's theme hop into healthy. >> it will be interesting. it should be interesting. sal, is our commute interest sog far? >> it isn't. we had a little easter egg hunt yesterday around our house. and then the kids did something. >> what did they do? oh you mean -- oh i got you. [ laughter ] fun dad. >> yes. the traffic is looking good. yes, the adults had chocolate
5:48 am
too. the traffic is doing well if you are up there at the toll plaza this is still less than eight minutes as you are driving. so you shouldn't worry too much. although you can definitely tell that the traffic is changing. i want to show you am look at the 237 commute. westbound. we had a little problem earlier but that has been taken care of. there was debris on the roadway on one of the onramp there is that is gone and 237 is looking good. we are looking at contra costa county. it's 5:48 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. increasing clouds already to the north bay. santa rosa says mostly cloudy. although most other locations say clear to mostly clear. south bay will get in a little bit more sun here for awhile before the cloud cover rolls in. it was a very warm sunday as you know.
5:49 am
changes today. cooling begins. clouds move in and very light rain. this is not a very strong system. temperatures drop ten degrees today. from 75 to 64 degrees. that 64 starting off at 51. we will get a little sun break or two for awhile. but by this afternoon we will cloud it up as that system rolls in. a load of cloud cover on the way. not much in the way of fog yet. but we are dividing by clouds to the north and clear to the south. 40s and 50s on your temps. i don't expect these to cloud over. for us it's a lot of cloud cover be not much else. 32 up in tahoe. 47 monterey. 10 better for sacramento.
5:50 am
system slides by and that about all that it will do. it which cloud us up and give us a little light rain. sun and clouds. cooling begins. 60s and 70s. cloud cover to the north. oakland 67. brentwood 77. 77 gilroy. but san jose at 74. santa clara in there as well. low 70s on the peninsula. tomorrow will be even cooler. cooler breezy. any wane will be later this afternoon tonight into early tuesday. friday looks like our best opportunity. >> tons of oscar meyer weaners are being recalled. they are actually classic cheese dogs. and the labels do not show that the hot dogs contain cheese.
5:51 am
that of course could cause problems for people who do not tolerate dairy products. the company that make cheerios, progressive soups doing an about face. general mills posted a notice on its website. saying visitors using the cite to down load coupons, enter sweep stakes or join the online -- instead they would agree to arbitration or informal negotiation. captain america remains the biggest draw. it has sold more than $200 million worth of tickets. rio stayed in second. even is for real came -- heaven
5:52 am
is for real came in third. it's been 15 years believe it or not since the columbine school shootings. marking that tragic day and the lengths some people went to just to pay their respects. >> definitely new something was up. >> scary encounter in the wilderness. how two snow mobilers reacted when a moose came running at them.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. easter sunday surprise in florida sent more than two dozen people to the emergency room. 200 people were packed inside a fort meyers church last night for a holiday concert when a car plowed right through the wall and into the sanctuary. at least 20 people were injured. many were trapped under the car. the driver of the car told police the breaks gave out as she pulled into the parking lot. it's not clear if she will be cited. time is 5:55. san jose police still investigating the stabbing of four men yesterday morning outside of a downtown bar. police say they were called to the sb2 communal bar. they had a report of one person being stabbed. when police got there they found three more victims.
5:56 am
all four are expected to survive. police say the stabbings followed some kind of fight or argument inside the bar. former san francisco firefighter accused of driving a fire truck while drunk is due back in court this morning. michael quinn is expected to be arraigned on three felony counts including causing an injury while driving under the influence. back in june quinn allegedly ran a red light and hit a motorcyclist on fifth and howard streets. that cyclist suffered broken ribs and a puncture lung. quinn was seen on surveillance video at a bar drinking several glasses of water. if convicted, he could face up to three years in prison. a pair of snow mobilers say they will be a lot more cautious in the wilderness after a frightening encounter with a moose. it happened in may and the
5:57 am
entire attack was caught on camera. when it turned on them they didn't have much time to react. >> the only thing i could think of is what i had to put between myself and the moos. and unfortunately that was the snow mobile. >> he ran back to his wife. she had a gun with her borough reed shooting -- with her but worried shooting the moose would make it worse. the animal was missing patches of fur and looked like it might be sick. if this ever happens again they plan to retreat slowly. >> how did he survive? we are talking about a teenage boy who jumped a fence at san jose airport and stowed away in a plane bound for hawaii. the really extreme conditions that boy survived on his way to maui. >> and some racers have already started this year's boston marathon. we'll have a live report right near the finish line and the start line where security is
5:58 am
very tight. >> good morning. we are still look at a commute that is mostly good but the toll plaza those metering lights have come on a little bit early. >> clouds already on the increase. especially to the north bay. we have a weak cold front. ♪ ♪
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we are live until san jose international airport where a 16-year-old boy stows away on a flight from hawaii and lives to talk about it. we will tell you about the exhausting conditions that he endured. tens of thousands of runners ready to start the boston marathon. we are live in boston with the extra security measures in place. >> i think it was a difference between that child's life and death. >> heroic rescue on the east bay. a man jumped into the water to save not one but two children from the water. >> thousands of people converged on golden gate park to celebrate marijuana. what the area looks like this morning in the aftermath of that event.


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